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Women's Health

Women's hormonal health is linked to so many important functions in the body. A natural approach may offer more to your long-term health and happiness than a pill ever could! These practitioners are trained to help you balance your hormones through diet, mindset, and other natural therapies. 


Grace Rash

INHC, Hormone Coach

I help holistic-minded women understand their body& cycle + solve their cycle symptoms NATURALLY. 

I work with women 1:1 through my signature 90 day online program, The Hormone Balance Blueprint. 


My Services Include:

Online Coaching Program (HBB)

Earthen Roots Skincare (Available at Joi!)

Roz Adams Headshot 7.jpg

Roz Adams

"The Hormone Lady"

Roz, AKA "the Hormone Lady, has been educating consumers & healthcare practitioners about the hormone connection to mental, emotional and spiritual health; the benefits of bioidentical hormones and the advantages of compounded medications for 26 years.


Her passion is putting you in charge of your healthcare.


She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Coach.