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Movement is an incredible healing modality.


George Gantt

Tai Chi Master


Meditative movement encourages relaxation and may help with pain.


In 1993 George began his training and was certified with Susan Wang and Dr. Jimmy Huang, O.M.D for acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Acutapping.

            He also studied with Master Chunan Jiang from Hunan, China in 1993.  Master Chunan was here in the United States to establish a facility for Chinese medicine.  George was certified as a TaiChi instructor and learned the Yang style TaiChi from Master Chunan.

            George traveled to Beijing, China in 1995 and studied under Master Pei Sheng Wong for 2 years. George has been able to share this art of healing (the natural way) by way of seminars, classes, radio. and television interviews.  He has taught classes at Furman University, Converse College, St. Francis Hospital, The Greenville Health System (Prisma Health), Mary Black Hospital, Power House Gym, Pivotal Fitness Center, Rolling Green Retirement Center and The South Carolina Governors School of Arts and Humanity in Greenville, SC.  His classes have included  Taichi, Qigong, Acutapping , Aerobics, Core Training, personal one-on-one training, and personal consultations concerning your health and what herbs and exercises can help you heal - the natural way.


My Services Include:

Weekly Classes at Joi on Saturday Mornings!

Phone - 864-419-2596


Email:  George.zengym@gmail.com

Your first class is free! 
Classes are normally $15