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Herbalism is a healing modality that incorporates plant medicine as a means of optimal wellness. Have you ever ventured into a health food store only to become overwhelmed by not knowing which herbs could benefit you? That's where an herbalist can help! They can work with you to develop a plan of action to meet your specific needs!

Jennifer Galbraith


Jennifer is our "in house" herbalist here at Joi. You'll find a number of her blends on our shelves! You can book a private session with Jennifer to discuss herbal approaches to various ailments or disease processes.


My Services Include:

Monthly classes

Homeschooling Curriculum


15 Minute Consult: $25

Full Consultation (1 hour): $59

If you wish to meet in person at Joi Natural Wellness, contact me to set up a time and date!

or text 864-237-8128