Who We Are

Dedicated to Wellbeing

Joi Natural Wellness & Apothecary seeks to connect our community with a one-stop shop for self-care and inner fitness; we have created a convenient all inclusive place to to restore, revive and renew health and wellbeing from the inside out. 
True wellness is multi-faceted, it includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of us that make us whole. From the foods we eat, to the thoughts we have, this interconnection of treating all aspects of wellness is the key to creating a happy and healthy life.
At Joi, you can learn in the classroom, experience in the Tasting Room and shop in the Apothecary store. We partner with both local and national brands carefully crafted with the highest quality of herbal and plant based products to evoke the senses and encourage vitality and good health, as well as, with trained coaches, mentors and teachers in self-care. Although our products and services are known to have many benefits that promote a healthy lifestyle, they are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease or illness.
To consult with one of our practitioners or Inner Fitness Trainers, contact us for more information.

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